For full interview:     Portland Magazine

For full interview: Portland Magazine

Maine Today

“If you’ve never seen Ford’s interpretation of Prince, you’re in for quite a surprise. He’s got the look, moves and sounds down jaw-droppingly well. Hear – and see – for yourself what it sounds like when Dean Ford’s doves cry.”

Aimsel Ponti - Maine Today

Hot Trash

“Ok seriously we should all bow down to Dean Ford for his promo photo for this event, because he is bringing us the fluorescent, frill-sleeved, grape flavored, perfect eyebrowed, billowing plumes of dramatic smoke REALNESS that is the real Prince”

Victoria Karol - Hot Trash


“If you know Dean or have been to one of the Purple Brainz shows around Halloween, you know he’s got the voice, the moves and the mannerisms down. Last night was no different, Dean and his band played for nearly three hours to a large group of Prince fans that got together to celebrate the life of the musical genius that left us too soon. Emotions were flying. I remember at one point to the right was a group of people singing and dancing, to the left I saw a woman crying.”

Rob Riccitelli - WCYY 94.3FM

Z 107.3FM

“Dean has got it down! He looks, sings and moves just like 'His Royal Badness'”

Kid - Z 107.3FM

WBLM 102.9FM

“Like many of us Dean Ford is a huge fan, with a major difference. He can transform himself into Prince. Dean has been paying tribute with his Purple Brainz shows during Halloween season for several years now and if you’ve ever experienced it, you know he looks, moves and sounds like Prince.”

The Guru - WBLM 102.9FM


“Led by the illustrious Dean Ford, one of the only dudes in town that can live in the Purple One’s range.”

Dispatch Magazine